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What's more efficient? Hand-Washing Dishes or Using Your Dishwasher?

Ever wonder how much water your dishwasher uses? More and more people have decided to switch from the traditional hand-washing method and have started to use their dishwasher. But that raises another question. What method uses more water? Using a dishwasher? Hand washing the dishes? Read on to learn more and how AA Appliance Repair answers these questions.

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How much water does a dishwasher really use?

Determining the efficiency of your dishwasher can be kind of tough. You have to consider various factors. What is the energy consumption of the dishwasher? How much water does it use? And, How old is the dishwasher? All of these factors affect the efficiency of your dishwasher.

A conventional dishwasher will use about six gallons of water per load. However, if you have an ENERGY STAR® dishwasher then it could use from as little as four or even less than your conventional dishwasher. In fact, new standards have been put in place for manufacturers that states dishwasher after the year 2013 must use less than five gallons of water per load.

So, does a dishwasher or hand-washing use more water per load?

According to CNET, "Washing dishes by hand on average uses approximately 27 gallons of water." Now, of course you have to wipe down dishes after the dishwasher but it takes 1/3 the time to do so opposed to hand-washing. Compared to hand-washing, the top rated ENERGY STAR® dishwashers use as little as three gallons per load. You're looking at incredible savings on your water bill. But also, a lot more time to get other things done around the house.

A dishwasher is more efficient than hand-washing

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Dishwasher

  • Fill it up as much as possible. Try and fill up the dishwasher; it uses the same amount of water and energy to wash a full load as it does a few dishes.

  • Leave space for water. Although it is important to fill it up. It's also important to leave enough space between the dishes for the water to get them clean.

  • Stay on top of repairs. Not only is it inconvenient when your dishwasher breaks, but it's so important to stay on top of repairing it. In the end you will spend more money on water by hand-washing than just repairing it.

  • Skip the heat dry cycle. A great way to save even more money is by skipping the heat dry cycle and just letting the dishes air dry.

  • Clean it. Keep the dishwasher clean, it will keep your dishwasher performing at its highest efficiency and will keep you from having to repair it too often.

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